Tigers in India – The Lost Glory!

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
(William Blake)

If you remember those lines from William Blake, then I’m sure you won’t miss a single opportunity to glorify the Tiger. The Tiger is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition. Almost in all cultures, at least one chapter surely has been devoted to present the glory and grandeur of tiger. As In Chinese philosophy of Taoism, Chang Tao-ling (The founder of the Heavenly Master movement is the semi-legendary Chang Tao Ling) mounts a big cat (most probably a tiger) in his quest to fight evil and seek the essence of life. In Hindu mythology, the Goddess Durga (the symbol of fierce feminine power) rides a fierce whitish golden tiger (somewhere you can see a Lion) gifted to her by Hamialayas. So we can’t ignore the importance the Tiger in human life. Though there are some cases of tiger-attack on human beings and cattle found in the areas situated near the tiger conservations and in most of the cases the tiger has been a victim and the problem has been solved. Lack of food and deforestation has forced tigers to come out of the deep forests and to attack the cattle and human beings. The researchers have found that a tiger territory can range from 10 miles to 20 miles and if the tiger is not hungry, then it never attacks other animals other than any other tiger or similar animal’s intrusion. But tiger poaching has been a persistent crisis in Asia (especially in the South-East Asia and Asian Sub-continent). Despite strict government rules, poachers have been able to kill tigers in numbers. This is happening only because of lack of awareness between tribal people, corruption and high demand tiger parts in foreign market.

Due to its cultural and mythological significance, most people believe that tiger is a great source of curative power. In China still you can find various medicinal and other products made of tiger’s different parts.

In India, tigers are killed and their parts are exported mostly to China and Tibet. You would be surprised to know that there are almost 5000 tigers and in the USA, there are 10, 000 in captivity.

We need to stop these people and this can be achieved by spreading awareness among tribes those who live closer to these animals and understand their activity closely. Tigers too contribute a lot to our ecological system and their disappearance can disturb the whole ecosystem.

Otherwise, the Tiger will be seen only on pictures and researchers will be researching only on the dead and dry parts of the Jungle Beauty.

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