Thanks for Joining the Battle!

I’m extremely pleased for your writings at our blog The Gardeners’ World. I hadn’t thought that my attempt to introduce all Garden Lovers at single platform and the way you bloggers turned out is really a great moral boost to the War against Global Warming and Environmental Pollution. I hope more and more bloggers will participate and contribute their valuable thoughts to this blog. Once again, I would like to convey my deep gratitude to Keith, Claire Splan, Ioannis Petrus, lkw, Harvest, K. B., Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers and Special thanks to wild flora for his valuable comments. This blog belongs to all of us and let’s make this blog a great success. You are free to use this platform for your websites’ and blogs’ promotion, too. You just mail me your sites/blogs’ URL and Titles @ and I’ll add them to the blog.

With Best Regards!

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