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The Gardeners' World (Presented by The Ecosystem)

Hi Friends!

The blog is on a mission to spread awareness among bloggers around the world regarding Global Warming and Environmental Pollution. I invite interested bloggers to join this blog as a CONTRIBUTOR and post your valuable words to spread awareness. As a first step to this I've searched through several bloggers, selected and invited some of them to contribute to is blog. Hope they would accept my invitation and make the blog a real success. We would also use this platform to promote gardening tips, garden accessories and other garden related things.

Thanks for your kind support and soon we would come up with new postings.

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Wild Flora said:

Dear Flora,
Congratulations on starting your blog and thank you for the invitation to join as a team member. I'm very flattered. However, I hope you'll be willing to give me a rain check on this invitation. With a blog of my own to keep up with, it would not be wise for me to take responsibility for contributing to someone else's blog right now. Also, I hope you won't take offense if I say that while your goals seem admirable I'd like to know more about you and your gardening philosophy before getting involved in this project. But I'll certainly be happy to suppport this effort by visiting and leaving comments when it seems appropriate. I'm very interested to see how your project evolves.
Best of luck,
Wild Flora

Flora said:

Hi Wild Flora!

I'm really privileged and extremely happy finding your comment at my blog. This is just the beginning and I hope we all would really make this mission a real success. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks once again everybody...

Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said:

Hi Flora,

Thanks for the invitation and I look forward to future developments in the world of gardening.